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Smith Security Safes: Setting the Standard Since 1982

I’m guessing that you have come to this website looking for the best vault door money can buy... or at least what a reasonable amount of money can buy. Smith Security Safes has been in the security business since 1982, making us the longest-lasting vault door manufacturer still in business today. We take pride in making good use of this property and providing an excellent product, just ask our satisfied customers. We are the oldest vault door manufacturer in these great United States of America. Our standing with the BBB is an A++ rating due to continued excellence, service to the customer, and the highest quality standards. We back our products up with a limited lifetime warranty along with a 2-year warranty on both paint and locks.

Now, we may be old, but this is old in a good way. I mean old like a fine wood barrel-aged whiskey, not old like milk. We take our metaphorical vitamins and stay nimble to adapt to the desires of our customers looking for the best vault door. Fools who do not study history are doomed to repeat history. We have made mistakes like all startup companies, but we took them in stride as lessons from the past, learned, and improved, using root cause analysis and implementing permanent corrective actions. Our vault doors are refined and have a strict quality standard. Nothing leaves our doors with imperfections… other than me at the end of the day. We identify Ronald Reagan, who once remarked when criticized for his age, "I want you to know that I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience."

Quality Assurance for When You Need it Most

Our track record is proven by the countless satisfied vault door customers who continue to have property that otherwise would have been stolen after a break-in or burned up in a fire. It is a great feeling to protect our customer’s most valuable possessions and potentially even their most cherished loved ones. Our physical manufacturing location does have standard hours of business, but I am personally almost always by my phone and take calls at all hours that I am awake. This company and these products are my pride and joy. I truly enjoy this endeavor of providing the most top-notch physical security products.

Have I mentioned that our vault doors are also very attractive, on top of being the best? Check out our photo gallery. We offer many different colors of paint and different textures. The high-gloss paint always comes out great. It is a classic look that can and does fit in with the nicest of rooms. All painted doors have a 2-year warranty on the paint. Our painter is very experienced, and we extensively prep the surface of the door before we begin. You will not need the warranty, but it does offer peace of mind, and the warranty is included free of charge. We do sell the USA’s best vault doors unpainted if you wish to paint the door yourself. Or you could just leave it unpainted if you are not concerned about rust and wish to save a buck or two.

Top-Notch Security at an Affordable Price

We offer more security options than the competitors as well. Many options for additional security can be placed inside the door that criminals will have no idea how to get through. Some options completely lock down the door if a cutting wheel or torch is detected. Some options vastly increase the time it would take to cut through the door, buying you precious time, and I mean a metric ton of extra time. Take a look at our stainless steel elite vault door for some of these features. There are different layers of security against fire also. Many customers have had fires, and their possessions remain safe from both heat and smoke damage. We offer many different sizes of doors, different thicknesses, and robustness of important security components. We are also happy to offer custom doors for customers with unique requirements. I thoroughly enjoy this work and look forward to speaking with you about your security needs.

Give me a call at 419-823-1423 to discuss what Smith Security Safes product is best for you. Or, click HERE for a free quote.

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Grey opened vault door created by Smith Security Safes.
Smith Security Safes owner standing next to a red vault door.


SmithSecuritySafes_IconCircle_printAbout Smith Security Safes

Since 1982, Smith Security Safes has been proudly making top-notch vault doors and safe room doors in the USA. Our doors are not just about locks and steel; they are about trust, quality, and peace of mind.

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